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About Us

Caldera Diving - Santorini Diving Center

Caldera Diving Centre was established in early 2018.
It is located in Perivolos, a convenient area in close proximity to the black beach promenade which is full of shops, bars and restaurants.

Our Team

Stelios discovered diving at an early age. He was only 13 years old when he started to free dive. He was introduced to the world of SCUBA by the age of 19 when he joined the underwater demolition team of the Greek NAVY (U.D.T.-NAVY Seals). Becoming PADI Open Water Instructor and Free Diving Instructor was the next step in order to pass down his acquired knowledge to his students. Stelios is a PADI Tec Rec and full Trimix Instructor and although he enjoys all types of diving, he thrives the most doing technical deep dives.

Wendy started her career as a diver in 2015 when she completed her first try dive and it literally changed her life! She immediately fell in love with the sea, it’s inhabitants and mostly with the never ending possibilities of adventure and discovery. Soon enough Wendy became a PADI Open Water Instructor. In early 2019 she started to cooperate with Caldera Dive Center where she completed her technical training and became a Tec Rec Deep Diver and Trimix Diver. From there she decided to follow her passion for overhead environments and went on to accomplish TDI Full Cave Training in Mexico.
Wendy loves sharing her knowledge, passion and experience with her students so they can share in the fun of the amazing underwater world!

Lucy… last but most definitely not least! Lucy is the most important member of the Caldera Diving team. Being found in the trash in early 2020 she captured everyone’s hearts immediately. Having been adopted by Caldera Diving, she has been the joy of the team’s days ever since. Although Lucy is not enjoying the water activities as much as the rest of the team, she loves getting her daily dose of hugs and kisses from anyone she can lay her paws on!


Safety is our main priority! We are highly trained professionals following strict safety protocols and always choosing dive sites with pool like conditions for all our activities so you can enjoy a fun experience.


“You take care of your equipment and it takes care of you”…this is a motto we stand by! In Caldera diving center you will find up-to-date,well serviced equipment whether you are looking for fun dives, tech dives or snorkeling!


We thrive to deliver quality services and to satisfy all your personal needs regardless of level of your experience.


Members of any association are welcomed to dive and train with us!
And if you are not certified, don’t hang your head down! Join us in our Try dive program or get enrolled in our PADI Open Water course!

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