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EFR and Rescue

PADI Rescue Diver Santorini / React in an Emergency

During the Rescue Course you will learn how to deal with your own stress but also to recognize it in other people, to help them to prevent it, but also to avoid accident and panic at the different step of the dive. You will learn how:

You will learn more about potential harmful marine life and how to identify and treat most of the diving related injuries.
The Rescue course often seen as the most important and interesting course in a diver career. You will bring your skill to another level and become a much more confident diver.

Be Prepared in an Emergency


The Emergency First Response course (EFR) is compulsory for the Rescue course unless you have completed a recognized CPR / First Aid Course the previous 24 months, or you are a doctor. During this course you will learn how to access an accident, and to help people to stay alive. You will learn to do an illness assessment, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and also how to provide oxygen to a victim which is the most common first aid in case of a diving accident.

Ready to manage an emergency situation?

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