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Discover Scuba Diving / Try Scuba Diving in Santorini

You always wanted to try Scuba Diving and sink into a completely different dimension??
Now that you plan your holiday in Santorini is the time to do it.
The program Discover Scuba Diving offers noncertified divers a chance to sink and discover the underwater world of a volcanic island without the time commitment to a full PADI course. After a briefing about the equipment that you will use, the physiology of diving and the basics on how to apprehend Scuba Diving in a safe way. You will start to try Scuba Diving in very close supervision with your PADI instructor.

First, to get confidence you will experience the breathing from the surface through your regulator and when you will feel comfortable, we will take you your first dive to the reefs of Santorini. Not actually a scuba diving certification, this program is focused to give you a relaxing experience of diving in Aegean Sea. During the course you will be allowed to dive up to 4m or even up to 12m (depends on the program).

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