Caldera Diving Center – Scuba Diving Santorini



See the Undersea from the Surface

Do you love the sea but prefer to explore it from the surface?
Then Snorkeling Safari is what will suit you best for this holiday. Caldera Diving Centre in Santorini offers many snorkeling spots that are only accessible by boat. The snorkeling safari is a half day excursion by boat which consists of a tour of a large part of Santorini. During the journey we will be passing the famous Red Beach, White Beach and Kambia Beach and dropping the ankor in two different snorkeling locations.

Our experienced guide will lead the tour and give you an insightful briefing about the area. A snack and refreshments will be available on board.

Grab Your Mask and Snorkel and Discover The Treasure Undersea

What is Included?

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