Caldera Diving - Santorini Dive Resort


See the Undersea from the Surface

You love the sea but prefer to explore it from the surface?
Then Snorkeling Safari is what will suit you for this holiday. Santorini offers you a lot of snorkeling spots accessible by boat. The snorkeling safari is a half day excursion by boat which consist of the tour of a big part of the island of Santorini, snorkeling in 2 different spots for 40 minutes (each), a snack and refreshments during the break (between the dives) and the way back.

Our experienced guide will be all the time there in order to give you a briefing about the area and have an eye on you for the case that you will need any help. During the tour, you will be able to see from the boat the Red Beach, the White Beack, the Kambia Beach and the famous Black Mountain.

Grab Your Mask, Snorkel and Discover The Treasure Undersea

What is Included?

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